The CUPE 338 City of Kelowna – Proposal Committee – Terms of Reference


The Proposal Committee’s purpose is to focus on research, information gathering and information dissemination as it relates to the CUPE 338 contract and the respective divisions within the City of Kelowna. The Proposal Committee is selected to assist CUPE 338 in its role as stewards for the local members in bringing forward opportunities and objectively reviewing and discussing contractual elements with the overall goal of addressing concerns and improving the working conditions of all City of Kelowna CUPE employees.


The Composition of the committee will be:

  • One member from the CUPE Executive is required to chair the committee as per CUPE 338 bylaws.

Ten (10) representative members of local 338, one each division as follows:

  • Planning and Development Services
  • Partnerships and Investments
  • Infrastructure
  • Financial Services
  • Corporate Strategic Services
  • RCMP
  • Community Safety
  • Civic Operations
  • City Clerk
  • Active Living and Culture


Committee membership will be selected by CUPE Executive, proposal committee member term of one (1) year will commence upon completion of selection procedure. Term may be extended as required.

Please submit your application to outlining why you would like to be a part of the committee as per the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria are as follows:

  • Past Experience: Involvement with CUPE / Union bargaining or negotiations or participation on previous committees.
  • Technical Knowledge: Experience and desire to assist in research, payroll, and benefits comparables.
  • Diversity: All efforts will be made where possible to balance gender and age differences within the proposal committee; as well as acknowledge the perspectives from individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and lived experience.


  • Regularly attending committee meetings (expected bi-monthly / every two months).
  • Propose, submit, review, and objectively discuss opportunities and constraints with proposal committee members.
  • Follow up and report on action items coming out of proposal committee meetings.
  • Report back to on questions from division members or refer inquiries to co-chairs.


  • The proposal committee shall meet bi-monthly and have the authority to convene additional meetings, as may be required.
  • Meeting agendas, minutes, action items and documents will be prepared for each meeting and provided in advance to committee members along with any appropriate briefing materials.
  • Meetings will be generally held at 5:00pm at the CUPE 338 offices and can be addended in person or electronically.
  • The chair will appoint or be responsible for keeping meeting notes and action items as they arise for each committee member.
  • Round-table and orderly discussions will be upheld to ensure all attendees have an opportunity to voice concerns and provide solutions.