2018 CUPE Executive Election

The following positions were acclaimed / elected at the November 27, 2018 Special Meeting:

  1.  President (Ken Pommier, Scott Bruce (withdrew) & Larry Oakley (withdrew) have been nominated).  Ken Pommier has been acclaimed.
  2.  Vice President City of Kelowna Outside Workers (Larry Oakley (withdrew) & Alyssa Schubert have been nominated).  Alyssa Schubert has been acclaimed.
  3. Vice President District of Lake Country (Annie Lynch has been nominated).  Annie Lynch has been acclaimed.
  4. Vice President Airport (Cody Anderson has been nominated).  Cody Anderson has been acclaimed.
  5.  2nd Vice President Regional District of Central Okanagan, (Blaise Laveay has been nominated).  Blaise Laveay has been acclaimed.
  6.  Vice President Black Mountain Irrigation District (Jeff Clark has been nominated). Jeff Clark has been acclaimed.
  7.  Secretary-Treasurer (Rita Sztepanacz & Maryann Allan (withdrew) have been nominated).  Rita Sztepanacz has been acclaimed.
  8.  Membership Officer (Chris MacKay has been nominated).  Chris MacKay has been acclaimed.
  9.  Young Worker Representative (Amanda Schuffels & Jason Issler (withdrew) have been nominated).  Amanda Schuffels has been acclaimed.
  10. 3 Year Trustee (Paul Brown has been nominated).  Paul Brown has been acclaimed.